Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Feeling fat!

I woke up today super happy...worked out from 6am until 7:15am.

Ate one banana and three bite on a McDonalds quarter pounder (I purge it all)...and now I feel fat again...

URGH...I feel like I need to scream a lot!!

I'm Maggie....I have a ED, but I'm pretty good at hide it from everybody. It helps when you live thousands of miles apart from your family.



  1. just out of curiosity are you spanish and that why half your blog is in spanish?

    Thanks for following me and I look forward to following your progress as well!

  2. A banana is good for working out because it has potassium but one medium banana has 110cals. An apple is 60cals and a better choice usually.
    I would avoid McDonalds completely if I were you, they load their food with fat and sugar and addictive substances. Just go for chickfila grilled sandwich no bun or anything and eat maybe half.
    However, if that's all you ate today you really did ok especially with that work out.

  3. Thanks for following me. Following you back!


  4. ah i didnt even get the right language! haha sorry, i was thinking it was probably portuguese but went the safe route!

  5. A few bites is fine, but addictive. Just watch out for the fat content. That's where mickey Ds hurts ya.