Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grandma....in my house!!


Remember that I told that I was worried, since grandma was in Town?? Now it's worse...she's going to stay 4 more days, in MY house!! I love her...really...but she's going to talk about my eating, that I should eat more, she'll cook lots and lots of food!! Oh my Gosh!!!!

Besides that, everything is the same...today I went for a 55 minutes run, and eat only 50 calories (so far...)

Not really on the mood to write now...

Thanks you for all the coments!!!

Stay strong,



  1. I hope it doesn't end up that bad. Hopefully you can exercise enough to make up for the bigger intake.

  2. sorry about youre grandma staying and making things hard for you. i wanted to thank you for all of your comments on my posts, they really do mean a lot to me. and im sorry i don't comment more on your posts but i don't want to end up preaching to you. i don't think you would like that much. just please be careful <3