Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When "grandma" is in town


As I said, I live thousands of miles away from my family, but I have the family I live with, they work a lot, and don't have time to pay attention on what I eat, it's a good thing. BUT...."grandma" is in town (thank God she's staying at my "aunt's" place) and she's the only one that realizes something is "wrong" with my eating!!! She forced me to eat 2 bites of chicken and 1 tbs of rice!! I got out of eating the cake!! I said I had to talk to my mom (the real one) on skype and got into my car and left!!! Just said: Bye grandma, thanks for dinner!!

Since I knew she was coming today my breakfeast was 3 small bites of watermelon and 5 small blueberries. For lunch: 1 egg white.

I love my grandma, but if she would stay here I would have major problems!!!

I got to swim only 45 minutes today :(

Thank you for all the coments!!!

Stay strong!!!



  1. thats a great intake though, one egg white for lunch! i wish i had your discipline. If i eat anything i just end up binging

  2. Welcome I am new also and I have a quick question for you...How do you get your name to show on your post I cant figure it out lol...anyways I know what you mean about grandmas I hate family functions with my bulimic cousin. She will load her plate inhaul it then be gone for 30 minutes and all my grandma can do is bitch about what I haven’t ate, sometimes I just want to ask her if she has very realized my cousin is MIA right after a meal just to turn the attention to her and off me. lol hope to read more about your life take care.

  3. Welcome to blogger hun and thanks for following my blog :) I love swimming but I feel really paranoid in a costume so I won't go at the minute :(